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Let’s save lives together! Reanimobile of volunteers left for round-the-clock duty in Kramatorsk

American will save Ukrainians in hot spots

Ukrainians must survive in this war! Urgently looking for a doctor!

“I didn’t want the children to see me bleeding with a severed leg”: the story of Olga Kulishova from Mariupol

Swans have returned to war-torn Ukraine – we will win!

Rescued by volunteers from a hot spot, little David learns to brush his teeth

Doctors urgently need an anesthesia machine for the hospital

15.04 A large family was evacuated from Kramatorsk to Dnipro

Doctors urgently need additional operating tables

French clinic will treat children from Ukraine

We are compiling a list of those who lost limbs during the prosthetic war in Europe

The baby needs care and maternal warmth

Urgently! We need ambulances to take Ukrainians out of hot spots!

A family of disabled people from shelled Kramatorsk urgently needs help

Special operation: evacuated a woman in labor and a newborn, with her family

Evacuated from Kramatorsk grandmother Sonya, who is 101 years old, and the boy David, 2 years old

30.03.22 Ukrainians collected 200 thousand UAH in 15 minutes

We express our gratitude to Anton Gerashchenko and his telegram channel Pravda Gerashchenko

29.03.22 four seriously wounded civilians were taken out

How to help your donations – new cars have arrived: Lexus LX570 2021

A wounded woman was transported from Kulikovka to the emergency hospital in Kyiv

Briefing at the Media Center Ukraine

Our achievements for the month

Received humanitarian aid (medicines) and taken to Kulikovka