We are pleased to be working on the project “Self-help during war”


Thanks to the grant support from the GURT organization, we are pleased to be working on the project “Self-help during war”, which aims to support groups of veterans and wounded soldiers, as well as their families and friends. Our project has a broad approach that includes various formats of meetings, conversations, and communication.

We select comfortable locations for meetings, as our goal is to create an atmosphere of mutual understanding and support among the participants.

For example, we organize meetings over a cup of coffee, which facilitates informal communication. We also hold meetings on the banks of rivers and in parks, where participants can enjoy nature and discuss their experiences.

We also organize meetings for those who are undergoing long-term rehabilitation and recovery in hospital wards, where we try to provide support and positive mood to wounded soldiers during their recovery.

In addition, our project includes sports competitions and recreation at the billiard table. These activities help to forget about everyday problems and create a positive atmosphere.

As part of the Self-Help in Time of War project, our team strives to provide activities of various formats so that each participant can recover and relax as quickly as possible. We continue to help and share this with you