The tragic events in Kramatorsk shook not only the whole of Ukraine


The tragic events in Kramatorsk shook not only the whole of Ukraine.💔

❗️ 65 people were rescued this morning, 12 dead were pulled out from under the rubble.

📌 Volunteer crews of the “Life Saving Center” were among the first to arrive at the scene. Having joined the team of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in clearing the debris, we managed to pull out several people, who were immediately given first aid. S. I. Kuzmych, the chief of the team, coordinated the actions of our medics.

📌 Thanks to the tireless efforts of our doctors, we managed to save several people, who were then urgently taken to the hospital.

📌 Anesthesiologist Fedak M. was left in the intensive care unit, and the crew returned to the scene to help clear debris and evacuate the injured.

📌 Volunteers of the “Life Saving Center” together with other services worked there throughout the night and with the first rays of the sun set off on evacuation flights with the wounded to the Dnipro.

🙏🏻 We express our deep gratitude to our medical supervisor S. Kuzmych, as well as doctors Fedak M., Porushko R., paramedics V. Romanyuk and S. Mygdalsky, and drivers O. Zabolotny, V. Molotkov, E. Fedorenko, O. Sushchenko.