“I want to continue living fully”


“I want to continue living fully”

Mykhailo Drobotenko is an example of courage, heroism, willpower. We have already talked about the feat of a soldier of the 57th OMBr. Thanks to Myshkov, more than 40 fighters managed to get out of the Russian encirclement safe and sound.

Defender in service since 2015, worked in SSO, paratrooper. While performing another combat mission, Mykhailo blew himself up on an enemy mine in March 2022. Unfortunately, doctors had to amputate the fighter’s legs.

Drobotenko has a steel character, with the support of the BF “Center for Saving Life”, co-founded by Anton Gerashchenko, Myshko underwent treatment, rehabilitation, prosthetics.

And recently, together with the boys, we celebrated the anniversary of our hero. We hope that this day will remain in Mykhailo’s memories as the most pleasant.

He is 30 years old, continues to play sports, leads an active lifestyle. Hero’s goal is to run the first 500 meters on prosthetics. Also, the sergeant wants to return to the service, to work as an instructor.

“I don’t want to feel like a stone. I want to continue living fully,” says Mykhailo Drobotenko.

We believe that everything will work out for this strong and determined guy, an amazing optimist with a big and kind heart!