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«Life Saving Center» in Kyiv is a non-profit humanitarian organization. It was founded on February 25, 2022, on the second day after the invasion of Russian troops into the territory of Ukraine. Our «Center» was created to help families who found themselves in a hopeless situation during hostilities, medical organizations and the territorial defense of Kyiv and the region.

We took over the clinic of Dr. Valikhnovsky on Protasov Yar in Kyiv and secured the building. We also set up a military hospital in Voronkov (Borispol district in the Kiev region) and created conditions for providing medical assistance to the civilian population, volunteers and volunteers defending our capital.

We have space and staff, but we need financial help. We appeal to caring people who have the desire and financial ability to help our organization in the purchase of medical equipment, bulletproof vests, food for volunteers, representatives of territorial defense and refugees living in our center.

Each of us is doing everything possible so that the terror launched by Russia against Ukraine ends as soon as possible. We are bringing the moment of our victory closer, every day looking for an opportunity to support those who are ready to guard the security of our country, who risk their health and life so that our children live in a peaceful and prosperous state.

«Life Saving Center» invites everyone who is ready to participate in the approaching victory of the Ukrainian army over the Russian occupiers to provide financial support to our organization.

Ukraine will definitely win this war. And we must do everything possible to make this victory happen as soon as possible.

You can become our sponsor by clicking on the “Donate” button, or learn more about what our organization needs at the moment by contacting us by phone:

+38 093 90 29 210

Our team:

Zaporozhets Vyacheslav Vasilievich is an activist responsible for humanitarian aid.

Dvoryanin Alla Anatolyevna – Commissioner for Humanitarian Medical Assistance.

Ilchishina Anna Mikhailovna – Director of КНП «БЦПМСД».


Hetman Vadim Viktorovich – activist, driver, volunteer.

Soleyko Andrei Alexandrovich – activist, driver, volunteer.

Bugaev Ivan Nikolaevich – activist, driver, volunteer.

Yushchenko Andrei Alexandrovich – activist, driver, volunteer.

Romanenko Dmitry Valentinovich – activist, driver, volunteer.


Brodsky Alexander Yakovlevich – Deputy of the Kyiv City Council.

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