The story of helping Svyatoslav-Myroslav Tovtyn


The story of helping Svyatoslav-Myroslav Tovtyn!

During a military clash on 03.07.2022, Svyatoslav was wounded near the village of Spirne, after which he was evacuated to Bakhmut, where he received medical care.

As a result of a severe mine-blast injury, multiple fractures, and damage to the radial artery, his right upper limb had to be amputated at the level of the middle third of the shoulder.

Sviatoslav was sent for rehabilitation to the Galicia Center near Lviv, after which the volunteers of the Life Saving Center took him to the Inovamed Clinic in Krakow, where they made casts, determined muscle activity, selected the type of prosthesis, made a master mold and even conducted the first fitting.

Svyatoslav’s prosthetics were made possible thanks to the support of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, for which we are extremely grateful!

We continue to follow Sviatoslav’s story! And we believe that he will overcome all the obstacles in his life