Dmytro Kucheryavy, 28 years old, from Khmelnytskyi


Dmytro Kucheryavy, 28 years old, from Khmelnytskyi.

❕ The war found a man in the Caribbean Sea, where he worked as a translator on a cruise ship. Having heard about the events in Ukraine, Dmytro disembarked at the nearest port and immediately returned to the Motherland.

❕ Having joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as a volunteer, he stood up for the defense of his country.

❕ In the fall of 2022, Dmytro suffered a severe brain injury that led to skull trepanation.

Thanks to the coordination support and help of volunteers of the “Life Saving Center”, Dmytro’s condition was stabilized and he was transferred to another medical facility.

The work of the multidisciplinary team paid off: Dmytro independently eats, sits, pronounces sounds, shaves, writes and reads.

📌 The rehabilitation process is still long, and Dmytro needs your support.
Do not remain indifferent!

♥️ Collection: UAH 300,000. for Dmytro’s rehabilitation

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