Our achievements for the month


The organization “Center for Saving Life” was created on February 25, 2022 – the day after the start of the Russian-Ukrainian war. After a month, we are ready to share a summary of everything that we managed to do during this time:

  1. Conducted a briefing on first aid in Voronkovo ​​(03/08/22).
  2. Received 20 bulletproof vests for TrO Protsev.
  3. 215 people were evacuated from Chernihiv and Kulikovka (you can find the lists of evacuees in the relevant publications on the website: 03/08/22, 03/16/22, 03/17/22, 03/18/22, 03/19/22, 03/20/22, 03/21/22, 03/23/22).
  4. Collected medical and humanitarian aid for the village of Voronkov (03/10/22, 03/14/22).
  5. 13 horses were evacuated from Vyshgorod (03/10/22, 03/12/22).
  6. Delivered humanitarian aid to the village of Mostishche (Petrovskoe, 03/12/22, 03/15/22).
  7. Gave an interview to BBC News, which was also published on CBS News.
  8. Delivered 4 beds and medicines to the Voronkovskaya polyclinic (03/14/22).
  9. Equipment for the operating room was transported to the Voronkovskaya hospital (03/14/22).
  10. They took medicines to the Kulikovo hospital (03/17/22, 03/21/22, 03/24/22
  11. ).
  12. Humanitarian aid was transferred to Bobrovitsa and Nizhyn (03/18/22).
  13. Maintained the morale of Troops and soldiers with Red Bull drinks.
  14. Received an ambulance for Voronkovskaya UTC (03/23/22).
  15. The first patient was taken from Kulikovka to the emergency hospital in Kyiv (03/24/22).

We sincerely thank our sponsors for providing financial and humanitarian assistance! Thanks to you, we can purchase fuel to evacuate people and deliver humanitarian aid to those in need. Thanks to everyone who did not remain indifferent and contributed to our mission to live!

Glory to Ukraine!