34 people were evacuated from Chernihiv and Kulikovka


New day, new record. Today we took out 34 people:

From Kulikovka:

  1. Kuzmenko Tamara
  2. Evgeny Kuzmenko (children)
  3. Anna Kuzmenko (children)
  4. Kisel Alina
  5. Kisel Dima (children)
  6. Kisel Bogdan (children)
  7. Oksana Popovich
  8. Popovich Rostislav
  9. Olga Larchenko
  10. Larchenko Victoria
  11. Login Alla
  12. Login Anastasia (children)
  13. Login Vladimir (children)
  14. Login Bogdan

From Chernihiv:

  1. Mutchana Vladislav
  2. Adeishvim Anastasia
  3. Kirill Adeishvim (children)
  4. Khomenko Maria (children)
  5. Khomenko Angelina (children)
  6. Khomenko Galina
  7. Dyakonenko Alena
  8. Dyakonenko Nastya (children)
  9. Gritsishina Tatiana
  10. Roman Mitkevich (children)
  11. Dotsenko Victoria
  12. Andrey Petrovich Obushko
  13. Moskalevets Sofia
  14. Saved Gleb (children)
  15. Tripadun Alina
  16. Lipetsky Artem (teenager)
  17. Bezbenko Nina
  18. Koneva Maria
  19. Zhitnyachov Konstantin
  20. Zhitnyachova Nadia

Upon arrival, the refugees settled in the missionary community “Youth with a Mission”, where they received hot meals. They spent the night near Kiev, and in the morning they went to Ternopil to the second missionary base, from where they will be settled in the safe regions of Ukraine. For those who want to go abroad, volunteers help to cross the border with one of the European countries and get to the desired region.

The Life Saving Center thanks the missionaries, who, like our drivers, cast aside fear and go to help people left in the zone of aggressive warfare. Your courage, humanity and friendliness inspire us to new achievements! We are glad that chance brought us together and now we can do good deeds together, which this world needs so much now.