35 people were evacuated from Chernihiv


Today our drivers evacuated 35 people from Chernihiv:

  1. Denis Gomaraev 01/07/2007
  2. Poltavey Mark 02.07.2006.
  3. Poltavets Larisa 09/01/1979.
  4. Sivodin Nikita 09/21/2012.
  5. Petrik Olga 07/21/1986.
  6. Denis Petrik 03/10/2013.
  7. Boychova Victoria 06/17/1947.
  8. Yuri Boychov, born in 1949.
  9. Ginkul Larisa 10/30/1962.
  10. Ogienko Maria 01/05/1986.
  11. Zappala Aurora 02.02.2006.
  12. Alena Serdyuchova 03/06/1973.
  13. Bibinets Sergey 08/29/1971.
  14. Marina Zuboch 11/13/1984.
  15. Zubov Sofia 01/27/2006.
  16. Alisa Zuboch 02/02/2009.
  17. Gleb Zuboch 20.02.2013.
  18. Fazmitdinova Anna 09/27/1993.
  19. Fazmitdinov Bogdan 07/15/2010.
  20. Ponomarenko Kira 21.02.2020.
  21. Puzan Oksana 06/19/1990.
  22. Puzan Alexander 02/19/1981.
  23. Andriy Karina 05/12/2010.
  24. Puzan Nikita 02/12/2016.
  25. Petrovich Anna 06/04/1987.
  26. Petrovich Nikita 06.12.2009.
  27. Petrovich Maxim 04/25/2012.
  28. Moskalenko Natalya Ivanovna 16.12.1964.
  29. Dmitrenko Tatiana 1974.
  30. Dmitrenko Nikita 2007.
  31. Karnenko Hope 1949.
  32. Momot Marina Aleksandrovna, born in 1976.
  33. Momot Polina Igorevna, born in 2010.
  34. Kachkarda Victoria Aleksandrovna, born in 2002.
  35. Shulga Lyudmila Nikolaevna, born in 1950.

By tradition, we took them to the Christian organization “Youth with a Mission”, from where they will be redirected to Ternopil, and then further to Western Ukraine.

This group of evacuees included Momot Marina Alexandrovna with her daughter Polina and the daughter of a work colleague Victoria, who stayed at our Center. Marina Alexandrovna is an employee of the village council of Kulikovka. She is engaged in the evacuation of people from the Chernihiv region, but due to a serious threat to the lives of children, she decided to take the girls to Western Ukraine in order to return to Kulikovka and continue working in the village council.

Marina Aleksandrovna, you are a great fellow!

Also in this group, we evacuated Shulga Lyudmila Nikolaevna. She is an Honored Doctor of Ukraine, a cardiologist with 55 years of experience in medicine. Lyudmila Nikolaevna participated in the aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. She remained in Chernigov until the last: she helped the sick and wounded in the local hospital.

From the first days of the Russian military aggression, Lyudmila Nikolaevna worked under bombing in the absence of light, heat, access to drinking water and food. Humanitarian aid did not come to Chernihiv all this time, so medicines became a huge deficit.

According to Lyudmila Nikolaevna, the doctors of the hospital, which she had not left since the beginning of hostilities, left her alone one night when she was sleeping and evacuated without even saying goodbye. Lyudmila Nikolaevna was able to contact the contact person of our Life Saving Center and leave Chernihiv. We suggested that she stay to work at the Voronkovskaya Polyclinic, where our Center is actively expanding its staff. We are confident that such a valuable employee will bring many benefits to sick and injured people sent to our hospital.

Here is a piece of the Russian world Lyudmila Nikolaevna brought with her:

The photo does not convey all the sensations that you experience when picking up this piece of shell. It is much heavier than it seems, but the main thing that terrifies upon contact with it is that it is insanely sharp. Each edge is like a serrated knife. It is hard to imagine what kind of injury such a small piece of metal can cause if it enters the body.

Russian invaders, you will burn in hell.

The truth is on our side, we will definitely win! Glory to Ukraine!