The first patient was taken from Kulikovka to the emergency hospital in Kyiv, 18+


Today we transported the first civilian who suffered as a result of hostilities: Uzky Anatoly Vladimirovich, 57 years old. The man received a tangential wound to the skull. From March 12, 2022, he was in the Kulikovo hospital, but due to the lack of medicines, he did not receive proper treatment, which could cause an inflammatory process in the brain – meningitis – at any moment.

We took Anatoly Vladimirovich out of Kulikovka and sent him to the emergency hospital in Kyiv, where he was operated on by experienced neurosurgeons. The remnants of the skull bone and splinters were removed from the wound. He is now in the intensive care unit, Block C, in stable condition, conscious, undergoing antibiotic treatment.

We thank our sponsors who provided us with an AMBULANCE CAR ambulance and a driver! Thanks to your support, we have helped Anatoly Vladimirovich and will help other people get quality treatment away from a direct threat to their lives.