Evacuated 10 people from Kulikovka


Volunteers of our “Life Saving Center” took 10 people out of Kulikovka yesterday. All these people fled from the already half-destroyed Chernihiv, hiding in basements and bomb shelters. They are not believing to the last that the Russian occupiers can carry out such atrocities that they are doing to the city: to bomb civilian objects and civilians. For many, evacuation is the hardest step. It makes you give up hopes of returning to a past life, break ties with the city, friends, and often family, lose all things and savings in order to save the life of yourself and your children. Below you can see videos and photos of people whom our “Center” helped with the evacuation.

Among them was the Ivasyuk family: Christina, Yuri and their daughter Ivan. For eight days they were without light, heat and water at home near Chernigov (20 km). They lived in a wooden bathhouse and stoked it with firewood, slept in jackets and shoes, fearing shelling. Here is a message from Christina:

We brought the Ivasyuk family to our Center. Now we plan to evacuate mother and daughter to Western Ukraine on Monday, and then to Europe.