Donated humanitarian aid to Bobrovitsa and Nizhyn


Our “Center” is trying to help the maximum number of people, but not everyone needs evacuation. Many Ukrainians do not want to leave their native land and remain at home in the hope that the horror that this war brings will end soon.

We also believe in an early victory and support faith in the best. And the best support these days is humanitarian aid: food and medicine. It is precisely such small but significant steps that inspire people with faith and a desire to continue to fight the dark forces. Today we handed over humanitarian aid to Bobrovitsa and Nizhyn to people who remained cut off from the world and unable to provide themselves with the necessary food and medicine. A woman with diabetes mellitus lives in Nizhyn, for whom medication is an absolute vital necessity.

Unfortunately, there is no safe road to these cities, so humanitarian aid had to be carried through the fields like real partisans. We are the wars of the humanitarian front, and our drivers, who are not afraid to perform such feats, are real heroes of whom we are immensely proud.

People who received humanitarian aid from the Life Saving Center

Egor, Vul. Academician Amosov b .7.
Medications: valsacor, co-prenesa 4/125 8/25, moxogamma 0.2, citramon.
Products: eggs-3 dozen; chicken meat fillet 3 kg; chicken – 2 pcs. ; smoked sausage -3 sticks; flour -5 kg.

Valentine. Vashchenko street 12.
Medications: gidazepam, novopassit, corvaltab, corvalment, valerian tablets, corvalol, persen, phytosed, sedavit, validol.
Products: eggs – 3 dozen; raw smoked sausage -2 pcs.; cheese 1 kg; chicken 2 pcs.; beef 2 kg; bread – 2 pcs.; lemons – 1 kg butter – 0.5 kg; vegetable sunflower oil – 2 pcs.

Our “Life Saving Center” provides assistance FREE OF CHARGE. But we need sponsorship to buy fuel, tires, body armor, food and medicine. We will be immensely grateful to everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of the victims and cannot stand aside!
Contact phone: +38 093 90 29 210 (Vyacheslav)