Prosthetics of wounded soldiers with short amputated stumps


Since the beginning of the war, the problem of prosthetics for wounded soldiers with short amputated stumps has become acute.

📌 Thanks to modern technologies and the innovative method of Professor Rikard Branemark, it became possible to directly implant a part of the prosthesis into the patient’s bone.

The entire prosthetics process consists of several stages:
⠀⦿ installation of an intraosseous implant;
⠀⦿ installation of an abutment (adapter);
⠀⦿ installation of the external prosthesis itself and rehabilitation.

💥 We are glad to welcome to Ukraine Professor Rikard Branemark, a world-renowned Swedish orthopedic surgeon, the founder of the technology of osseointegrated prosthetics, under whose leadership several intraosseous implant installation operations were carried out in the capital’s “Denis” clinic.

❗️ This is invaluable experience for our doctors and great support from the world medical community to Ukrainians.

☝️ It should be noted that Professor Bronemark brought implants and performed free operations for our soldiers.