Good evening, we are from Ukraine! How volunteers help each other


Ukraine is full of strong, courageous people. In the light of the current tragic events, activists are uniting and boldly confronting the destructive force that has invaded our land! They inspire with their actions, demonstrating not only to fellow citizens, but to the whole world what it means to be a real Ukrainian.

We were lucky to meet one of these brave activists – Vladimir Naum (call sign – Charik). He is a member of the charitable foundation “Help to the participants of the ATO Ternopil” and helps to deliver humanitarian aid and take civilians out of the territories of active hostilities. These days we have evacuated children from our Life Saving Center to Western Ukraine.

Vladimir and his wife Tatiana gave us a place to stay, treated us to dinner and breakfast, and after that Vladimir accompanied us in Ternopil, which we did not know. On the way back, after the children were taken to a safe place, Vladimir again provided us with the opportunity to rest before the long return trip.

The Life Saving Center thanks Vladimir and Tatyana Naum for the friendly welcome, the opportunity to spend the night and your caring civic stand.

Ukraine is over everything!