Doctors urgently need additional operating tables


We are asking for help on behalf of the doctors of the Mechnikov hospital in Dnipro.

Additional operating tables are urgently needed to save even more lives in times of war. And this is not cheap, because the cost of one table starts from 6 thousand dollars.

But, this is nothing compared to the understanding that each such table is thousands of saved lives!

Friends, thank you all for your help! Just last night (15.04) we managed to collect 165 thousand UAH. The cost of one table is 180 thousand UAH. Physicians need at least 5 of these tables! Let’s join forces – together we will win!

Donation details:

5457082274113591 Zaporozhets VP

Please call: +38 093 90-29-210, Vyacheslav Zaporozhets.